Family History

Preserving Abraham Doolittle’s family history

Abraham Doolittle family tree has over 34,500 Doolittle records. About half of these records are now available on this website in the form of eight generations of Abraham’s descendants in the Genealogy file.

The sources used for this file include the eight volumes of Doolittle Family History, six supplements to those volumes, many other family histories, census records, family bibles and other sources.  These sources are cited where applicable in the file.

If you have an ancestor in the online file and would like to know the descendants of that ancestor that are in the generations not shown, please contact the Doolittle genealogist Nancy Rose Redling doolittlesofamericagenealogist@gmail.com.

In a genealogy file this size there are bound to be errors and missing information.  If you have information that will help correct these we welcome your input.   You will also notice that some individuals have some narrative information about their lives or an event in their lives, if you can add something in this area it would be welcome.   

We also have DNA testing for Doolittle family.   If interested, please contact the genealogist.

If you have a Doolittle ancestor, we welcome you to become a part of this dynamic family organization.