Genealogy Page Navigation Instructions

This genealogy file contains seven generations of Abraham Doolittle's descendants plus the children of the seventh generation are included so there are eight generations of names. It is organized by generation and each name is in the file twice, once as a child in the parent’s family and once as a parent in his or her own family assuming there is one.
The Index of Names on the Table of Contents page contains all the names in the file and is the starting point for a search. This index contains the name, birth date and place and death date and place. There are about 17,000 names in the file and many people have the same name so having more detail about people is essential. Names also have superscript letters c, p and s these letters are active links and take you to that person in the file as a child, parent or spouse.  

After reaching the main file family page of the person selected in the index navigation between generations is done by clicking on names that are active links. Clicking on a name as a parent takes you to the same person as a child in the earlier generation. Continue by clicking on the parent in that generation and then keep repeating until you get to Abraham thus showing the ancestral line from the starting person back to Abraham. The process also works in the opposite direction, clicking on a child will take you to that person as a parent in the next generation.

On the family pages you will notice superscript numbers these are active links that take you to the source list and shows the source or sources for that item in the file. Using the back button on your browser will take you back to the file. 

The most recent birthdates for people in this file are in the early 1900’s so this effectively excludes living persons from this file. The master file from which the web site file was generated contains several more generations of descendants of Abraham and if you find the name of an ancestor in this file and would like to see the descendants of that ancestor that are in the file contact the Doolittles of America genealogist.