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Family History

The Doolittle family tree has over 31,000 Doolittle records. Our database was derived from the eight volumes of Doolittle Family History, our six supplements to those volumes, many other family histories, census, family bibles and other sources.

We also have some vital records, newspaper clippings, obituaries, pictures and a large file of letters recording family history, census, family bibles and other sources.

This family archive grows monthly as Doolittle cousins send in new material.

 If you have a Doolittle member in your family tree please contact Nancy Redling,, 190 Lower Pratt Pond Rd. New Ipswich, NH 03071-0511, tel# 603-801-4073 or Calvin Whitney,  They will search the family tree and share the results with you. Membership in the family organization is encouraged.


Our genealogists gather and share our family's rich history. They gather stories about people and events that formed their lives, not just statistics. We have a fast growing collection of Doolittle tombstone photographs and encourage cousins to contribute.

If you have a Doolittle ancestor be sure to become a part of this dynamic family organization.




Family Membership

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